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Product Details

Here you will find links to PDF files which detail specifications of some of our products.


• SCI AASHTO Bridge Beam Details


SCI Standard Wall Panel Details


Std SCI Precast Details

     D-1 Typ Tee to IT Beam connection

     Typ D-Tee - Spandrel Conn

     Typ D-Tee Non Bearing Wall Conn

     Typ D-Tee Spandrel Conn

     Typ Ext Columns - Spandrel Conn

     Typ Light Wall Conn

     Typ SCI Precast Section & Details

     Typ Stair Wall Conn

     Typ Tee Bearing at Light Wall Conn

     Typ Tee Bearing at Shearwall Conn

     Typ Tee to Tee Flange Conn